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hi mel + all.

The basic polemic annoys me.. we cant operate today without speaking the
language of economics. Culture and commerce do go hand in hand. Are we
trying to dive an educative wedge into this ? I don think that's in any way
a reality .

i suspect those m.mersed in the _production_ [as opposed 2 the codification] of culture cogitate less about their place in the [socio]economic stratsophere + more about the manif[r]e[ali]s[a] tation of their ideals+concepts. the notion of b.ing unavoidably mired in a "language of economics" seems tied 2 a framework driven by certain processes that seek 2 n.stitutionalise these n.deavours via a formal[recogn]ised/parcelled 'cultural' product/stream [i'm seeking clarification on ur use of the term "we" here?] ....

......."we" [as in certain n.divi_duals that /loc.ate themselves (either geospacially or perceptually) elsewhere from a heavily westernised conception of reality that d.fines worth thru capitalistic n.dicators/m.mersion] can function quite fine [thk_u!] in a reality that may b quantitatively different 4rm urs - does this then make it invalid according 2 how u box ur definition of reality?

i find certain modes of cu[ltural]rrency veering strongly _away_ 4rm this top-down/ratified-via-precedent/sanctioned approach x.tremely n.teresting...@ present i'm x.ploring/researching/plotting a faux soc_network project [_feralC] that cs this formalisation as clinging within stratified fibres n.dicative of a close-ended/linear approach 2 weaving acculturation:

"The academy ... is today so swamped by the assumptions and practices of market economics that it is deeply implausible for academics to tell their students they inhabit a postmodern world where a multiplicity of ideologies, world-views and voices can be heard. Their every step hounded by market economics, academics cannot preach multiplicity when their lives are dominated by what amounts in practice to consumer fanaticism. The world has narrowed intellectually, not broadened, in the last ten years. Where Lyotard saw the eclipse of Grand Narratives, pseudo-modernism sees the ideology of globalised market economics raised to the level of the sole and over-powering regulator of all social activity – monopolistic, all-engulfing, all-explaining, all-structuring, as every academic must disagreeably recognise. Pseudo-modernism is of course consumerist and conformist, a matter of moving around the world as it is given or sold."
- Alan Kirby

Of necessity cultural producers embrace the language of policy and the languages of spin.

they do? in order 2 have them con[de]fined + validated with a rubber_stamped acceptable sign [ie make it in2 the inner-sanctioned- power-definer's eye_path] i agree....but 4 those not oriented within the "reality" [my definition of reality is more a heavily_variable faceted patterning] of becoming culturally relevant or mass marketed along a e[ducative]conomic axis, i'd beg 2 diffa.....

This is basic survival in producing sustainable
"education" and by that i mean cultural events, spaces for dialogue, skills
development, introducing new concepts to new audiences.

....again, according only 2 those status_quo channels geared 2wards the event/xhibition/object/"the pitch" as defining how cultural landscapes lie....fomenting abstractions currently perceive "education" [as defined thru these means] as essentially perpetuating a dynamic molded within expressive confines out-of-step with the n.credible rewriting of hub_networking or flattening of the creator/ absorber/audience [think:myspace, blogging, liveleaking]....in the potentiate infoclimate of social nets redefining m[eme]odes 2wards anything _but_ the sustainable, of rewriting the market/canon from the inside via a removal of the x.clusivity of function according 2 n_dividual creator labels [such as an artist, definer, teacher] education as such ceases 2 b....

<troll.bait snipping here>

Dirk wrote that Second Life is harnessing all the creativity out there.. Is
that wrong? I used to be highly critical of it, but have changed my mind.

i'd b really n.terested 2 c wot in fact changed ur postition here mel - if it was the gradual seeping of Second Life as an acceptable platform for corporations/'educators'/other m[eme]ainstream_signifiers?

It Performs a fabulous educational and social role in our society. Art
organisations are falling over themselves to have galleries exhibitions and
residencies there - be part of the culture you've got.

bzzzT: i say:m.plode.the.cult[ural].trend

Love the one youre with.

bzzzT: i suggest: luv.the.1.ur.not


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