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> Aliette,
> > By the schematic cognitive map you determine the
> > territory of the practice; we can think that we are conceptualizing
> the new
> > but reproducing the former world by exceeding to repeat the
> misunderstanding
> > of the conditional limited territory.
> Yes - I think you are absolutely right.
> But I would reiterate the notion of engaging a "myriad of cultural and
> critical practices" in order to form an effective community /
> educational model.  We can look at research suggestions such as this
> as equally 'correct' and 'incorrect' - of course we understand that
> any text is no "readymade paradise" - but we can make it useful.  Why
> start from scratch?  Why not take the proposition and change it?  I
> think you were beginning to do that in the last mail.
> Our conversation here can prove a type of 'soft_skinned' schematic -
> addressing the issue of Art and Education in many directions.  The
> node examines education from one view.  We can use this
> found research as ideas+examples for our own practice.
> What are some other models?  I would love it if anyone on the List
> forwarded a few examples of cultural practice ("events, spaces,
> dialogue, skills, development, introducing new concepts to new
> audiences" etc) - suggestions for forming (Art + Education)
> relationships with a community. 


One of the things i know about and am looking to get more involved into is
exemplified by 'The Great Lakes Reconciliation Radio Project'  in Rwanda
where mass media communication tools combined with individual creativity,
the use of narrative (soap) seems very successful in breaking the circling
continua of violence, and in healing the traumata of conflicts. 

I only have most of this from hearsay, conversations with a friend of mine
who's actively engaged in the project but it seems this model allows for a
minimal input of resources with a maximal output and that a blueprint for it
is usable in a variety of regional contexts. You can read more about it

What we will (perhaps, it's still very provisional, i only dare mention it
here because i think it's a good example of some matters that have some
urgency - there does seem to be a sense of 'ja und?' demanding an immediate
directional impulse lest the energies involved should go dire) be attempting
that might interest you more in the context of products formerly known as
art is an enforced conflux along hardcoded infrastructural lines of
1 / a hands-on application of this blueprint to western Demockcrazies (i. c.
the Lowlands) where it might come in particularly useful for downtuning the
fearfully growing feelings of discontentment, downright racism including
attempts of 'fashionablized' racist ideology to get re-institutionalized

2/ some aspects of what is considered marginal by the mainstream machines of
political harnessing, like literature and more specific poetry (because most
of the fiction still gets taken up by the product-flow, poetry on the other
hand is still largely unsellable), 'modern' musick, most elitist visual
codings etc, in short what could more or less be un-labeled as
counter-culture-de-facto, the swarming of residual creativity.

The expression 'an enforced conflux along hardcoded infrastructural lines'
is the kind of language I'll be using in trying the get the funding for the
only thing that is required to get these things further to where they are
going anyway, namely a decent streaming server facility, meaning a reliable
mediatic independence, meaning an opening to a potentiality beyond the
mass-media that are driving themselves up on empty beaches like whales
anyway, an event that both these highly energized processes can turn back
on/to to further their beneficial impulses. You see even the highly
'holographic' impact of poetical output can do with a little strengthening,
it's all very nice to be mystically joined with a higher or more implicit
order of things, but some of the juices need to be redirected to where
they're most needed, not that i would want, dare or need to be critical of
anything hera 

In this time of great turbulence one does need the occasional re-appearance
of some old-fashioned Vorticism to get things going, although ufcurse the
turm acquires an entirely neue meaning in doing seuh.

One thingk I learned while building Cathedrals is that high-end models
always arrive late like Female Movie Stars on the premiering of their
movies. Didn't  they do that on purpose in order to get that kick out of
splitting the lined-up audience in a two-walled sea of admiring faces?

Warming wishes (we're enjoing a whooping 15 degrees while it oughto be
freezing here, you can hear some great Roland Emmerich violins in the

> Personally, I see no reason to maintain a linear conversation - I
> think that scatter is a more effective means to fill a space with
> suggestions.
> --
> Chris
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