[-empyre-] note on -empyre- : reading and writing

hi -empyreans-

Welcome to the many new subscribers to the list this month. - empyre- is a volunteer network with around 1000 subscribers around the world. This note is just to say that everyone is welcome to write in to the list. Our guests each month are people who've got special interest/practice in the topic under discussion; they're usually asked in advance to contribute new texts written specially for - empyre- and then to stay on to enter into what we hope are hypertexts of mutual interest and play. We moderate the list to keep it free of announcements, spam, and flame wars and to help keep focus on the topic. The list is open to posts in languages other than English, as well. We'll try to translate into English as best we can. Thanks for reading, thanks for writing, thanks for constructing our -soft- skinned-space.

to post, send plain text emails, no attachments, to: empyre@lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au

=cm and the moderating team

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