Re: [-empyre-] what is to be done: the public secret --forward from Sharon Daniel

Sharon wrote:

There are secrets that are kept from the public and then there are  
"public secrets" - secrets that the public chooses to keep safe from  
itself, like the troubling  "don't ask, don't tell." The trick to the  
public secret is in knowing what not to know. This is the most  
powerful form of social knowledge. Such shared secrets sustain social  
and political institutions. The injustices of the war on drugs, the  
criminal justice system, and the Prison Industrial Complex are  
"public secrets."

OK - here's a few public secrets:

1. There are too many people. 
2. We are way into overshoot and unless massive sacrifices are made immediately
in terms of economic and material wealth that is re-directed into mitigation
efforts, the planet will experience a massive die off in the 21st century. 
3. Government exists to protect and project the interests of the ruling class.
4. We Are Atlantis.


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