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I started to notice groups of Chinese people after I was invited to eat with a couple of them at their camp. I was impressed how they brought everything from china, including potatoes. honestly, it was the most interesting experience I had in Kassel (sure, like many other "works" it demanded a proper introduction, a willingness to seek further explanations, as if there was always something missing). but the interesting thing from my point of view was to notice that the city was not prepared to afford all those Chinese, as they were not tourists, neither costumers. most of them could not afford shopping. they did not belong to the art circuit, as they were not skilled spectators, not artists. this was good. Wei wei's work spread out like a virus, far beyond the empty chairs (that should be exactly for them, sometimes postioned to the garden, not to the exhibition itself). as a commissioned work it brought a bit of real displacement, a sense of the side effects that the art system very often produce.
just my humble cents, on this expensive exhibiton.

At 19:06 +0100 10/7/07, Christina McPhee wrote:

To be frank I didn't notice groups of Chinese people. I was there for the several preview days and left on the afternoon of opening day. I wll be going back next week for the magazine conference.

What was strange though were Wei Wei's conglomerations of antique Chinese chairs. Grouped elegantly and anonymously in the midst of
what sort of seemed like installations of other art. Boundaries completely fluid, differentiation between different 'works' seemingly treated as unimportant.

Unfortunately throughout the Aue Pavilion and the Neue Gallerie, there seemed to be no places to actually sit when exhausted, to wait for someone, etc.

THe Chinese chairs intensified an atmosphere of uncanny oppression -- so few human-scaled accomodations (architecturally) to the needs of visitiors, so many strange gestures.

Could you sit on the chairs ? or not?  no one was.


On Jul 10, 2007, at 9:45 AM, Patrick W. Deegan wrote:

for anyone else there witnessing D12, i would be deeply interested in firsthand reactions, assessments, news, or lack of any of these things regarding Ai Weiwei's "importation" of 1001 Chinese to Germany for one part of his ouevre there.
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