[-empyre-] documenta and national identity, forward from Johannes Birringer

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haven't been to kassel yet, plan to go later in the summer,. and will look for
australian art,
i had thought there was no such thing as australian art.  or french art, for that
but it is not without interest to look (back) at to the pavillon idea (the "national"
pavillon) of the Venice
Biennial.  Kassel and documenta i think tried something else altogether, after WW
II, and i am not
sure that the founders and initial curators would have liked to hear the exhibtions
refered to
as Olympics, since documenta also did never grant any prizes, as far as know. and
david's dX was surely quite far removed from looking at artworks in terms of
their "national" or cultural identity,.

i am in a laboratory at the moment, with a team of media artists.  I think one of
them comes from Tasmania,
but he has not mentioned it so far, (and tasmanian tax money is not involved)   
and it would interest anyone too much. This lack of interest in
cultural location (in digital art) is in itself of course rather typical and (as
a dissociative psychopathologhy, maybe?)
could be examined more closely.

with regards
johannes birringer


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