[-empyre-] Paper and Pixel intro from Nat Muller

hi all,

Nat Muller, independent curator from Rotterdam, and our list member Alessandro Ludovico, are blogging at  Lab for Culture dot Org.l  Lab for Culture is sponsoring Paper and Pixel Week here at Documenta 12. 

Nat writes, 

"Alessandro Ludovico, co-curator of the week, and editor-in-chief of Neural, arrives later on that day. We settle for a late night salad, and soon the conversation goes into âour love for printâ, and how the printed word has a particular weight to it â precisely because it is embodied, and - unlike online publishing - is unforgiving: once something is set in print it is final. So thereâs definitely a difference in how we write depending which medium we use: the techno-aesthetics of writing (in the sense of genre) are inextricably linked to the technologies of publishing. As newspaper articles, pamphlets, magazine articles, books, blogs, news sites, online zines are all different in media carriers, so are they in tone. The whole relationship technology~modes of editing/writing is an interesting one; i hope we get to pursue these tangents during the week. Alessandro remarked that for online writing â even if you have a particular readership in mind â you never really know who your audience is; you get to know your audience after the fact. This is almost inverse to print publishing, where you have to know your audience because of distribution.

So lots of stuff to talk about this week, and hopefully some productive networking as well. Andrew Murphie, lecturer at the School of Media, Film and Theatre, University of New South Wales (AUS) was supposed to join us in Kassel, but unfortunately could not make it because of a torn calf muscle. He has graciously offered to share his musings on the politics and health of modern publishing with us on his blog. http://adventuresinjutland.wordpress.com/2007/07/17/on-torn-muscles-the-health-of-publishing-politics-and-the-end-of-the-medium/

I like how Andrew points how changes in publishing lead to changes in writing: depending on which ingredients you use, the dish will turn out differently. I am lookimg forward to lots of cooking this week! "




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