[-empyre-] Christina'a report and nationalisms

Hey, Christina,

Thanks so much for representing -empyre- so well at Documenta. Reading your report made us think of the relevance of -empyre- itself to recent discussions of the lack of national identification at Documenta. It's interesting that, even as -empyre-'s moderators have recently tended to migrate away from -empyre's Australian roots (the three of us are from the US) and reflect the migratory nature of digital practice and discourse, it's been important to all of us to recall, note, mark, and insist on -empyre-'s Australian roots and its continual Australian sponsorship (our work benefits from the server at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, and we appreciate COFA's institutional commitment to our international project). And it was not coincidental that the lively Australian scene of digital arts and discourse is what prompted Melinda to organize -empyre- as a networked structure that would expand the outreach of those national practices.

Just as we share a commitment to seeking broad international participation, we also consistently celebrate the national specificity of our guests and their projects that frequently derive from local conditions, politics, and practice. Something I most appreciate about our -empyre- discussions is how frequently participants reflect on the national/local pulse of their projects within the context of an expansive global network. This may help to explain why many our participants have been responding with curiosity to Documenta's strategy of effacing national particularity. Our sense is that the particular weaves of national practice contribute to the critical strength of -empyre-'s global discourse.

Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Renate and Tim

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