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As Christine says, rich text bounces.

There was no response to my post when I resent it, so I suspect it was

I've raised number of background questions.

perhaps someone can answer them?


Hi Melinda

Thanks for the information, very useful.

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In answer to some of your questions blakbyrd

Australian representation:

Juan Davila - born 1946 Santiago, Chile. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Simryn Gill - born 1959 Singapore. Lives in Sydney, Australia, and Port
Dickson, Malaysia.

Are their Documenta works viewable online?
How did they relate to the Documenta theme and to the works of the
other artists?

The Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts assisted with
the costs of artists Simryn Gill and Juan Davila and editors/arts writers
Andrew Murphie, Yanni Florence and Leo Edelstein to attend documenta.
Murphie, Florence or Edelstein have no connection with empyre.

In terms of attendance.. Almost everyone who goes to Venice goes to
documenta.. Its the Grand Tour with Munster and Art Basel.


0k, who goes to venice?

Re the tour.

Which Australians artists get the opportunity to travel to the Tour?
What percentage? What financial assistance do they receive, and from

- what relevence does a European show have for Australians?

- should we be funding more or less participation?


Magazine project:
empyre fourm - born 2002 Sydney, facilitated from Australia and  Nth and Sth
America - represented at documenta by Christina McPhee (USA)

Congratulations.   does Empyre have a physical prescence at kassel?

Were any other Australian art magazines represented, in print, blogs?

- has anyone analysed the distribution of representation amongst
countires or by gender ?

I was thinking of the guerilla girls' weenie count. Is there a
feminist critique?

curating Documenta/examining the process

Who curated the Australian contribution and how were the curators selected?

What was the rationale for the selection of these particular artists?

 I note the recent Davila show in Victoria and its association with
Arkley. Is it the same work?


My internet art practice is largely about  providing information to
artists seperated by distance and to facilitate networking.



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