Re: [-empyre-] economics of the art system: the example of documen ta


It's good that there were so many good people involved who did their best, and of course those people deserve all the credit they can get. What I don't understand is where these situations come from when virtually all the actual artists that I have run into seem to be ethical, hard-working, and doing legitimate work. Who gives these institutions so much money and power and where do they find their personnel? They clearly aren't drawing from the same new media community that you and I and the rest of the list belong to, where people help each other and do good work...

P.S. Sorry for the multiple copies of my message. My email is broken in three different ways (literally) and I was using my cell phone which has a tendency to want to send the message before I have finished composing it. I had hoped that I stopped it in time, but apparently the "cancel" commands did not work.

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