Re: [-empyre-] farewell

Hi Christina,

Well, you will be very much missed on here & I hope that this means that you will be able to cross over into other areas and projects, during and after your 6 month break.

Good luck & don't be a stranger to anyone of us :-)


dear list,

I am taking a six month leave of absence from moderating on -empyre-, in order to concentrate more fully on visual and multimedia art practice. After that time things should sort out and I'll
be able to decide how to continue with -empyre- , or move on. The network of -soft-skinned space has meant the world to me. Thanks Christophe, Aliette, Henry, Patrick, Marc, Deborah, Illiyana, Tina, GH, Conor, Jordan, Brett, Simon, Marcus, Lucio (both of you), Erik, Christiane, Sergio, Dirk, Susana, Michele, David, Brian, Alan, Regina, Giselle, Renate, Tim,
Jim, Chris R and Chris M, Claudia, Sharon, Markus, Jim B., Patrik, Terry, Melinda, Tracey, Alessandro, Greg, Kate, Raul, Regina, Eduardo, isabel, Millie, Mez, Joseph, Jason, Ollivier,
Saul, Nick, and so many others whose names I must be forgetting. You have been a generous, invisible community that keeps bursting into view, into real life and real space, while never failing to write and respond in the most interesting ways. Thanks for teaching me so much.

very best wishes


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