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Hi Stacia and a belated welcome to all the guests this month, 

To get the ball rolling I would like to ask you a couple of questions
about your practice in terms of the spaces between 'real' and virtual
performance. You mentioned about a 'performative power point' in
relation to your 'my life as a Sims' project and I am interested in how
the audience responds and participates in the virtual and 'real'

I am also interested in your exploration of cultural products -
particularly through the notion of fandom. The tee-shirt especially has
layers of meaning when presented as 'art' and in the past I have
explored souvenirs in the context of high and low culture, particularly
in relation to the landscape as motif. But in your work, there is the
connection with being a fan, which brings a whole range of issues about
desire into play. It would be great if you could talk a bit more about
'being a fan' in your work - particularly 'everybody hurts' (btw - love
the disclaimer!)


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