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Hi everyone,

> Just to confirm the time difference - the Oz east coast is 10 hours 
> ahead of Madrid - does that mean that the next performance will be at 
> 7.41am 6 June Australian EST time.
No, actually the time difference is currently 8 hours (it changes
according to who is on or off daylight savings). I'm sorry but while I'm
in Europe, performances will be difficult to catch if you're in the
Australasian time zones. I don't expect anyone to wake for a 5.41am
performance in the dead of winter.

There you go - I was all set to watch the performance, but I should have
woken two hours earlier!!! Not to worry - will try again tomorrow :-)

snip>> Because I insist that the audience has to be with me in live,
real time to experience the performance, "shared time" comes to stand in
for "shared space". I often get questions or comments (even criticisms)
that I haven't made the performances available on the site as podcasts. 
Market forces have led us all to believe that this is a given. But for
conceptual reasons, I actively reject it for this project. (As we all
know, just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.)

Barbara, this is an interesting point about using technology as an
artistic medium. I sometimes like to compare technological tools to the
colours in my (very old and not used for years) paint box. Just because
you have burnt umber, doesn't mean to have to use it. You may for
another work, but it doesn't suit this work.

I think your insistence that the audience is watching in 'real' time
grounds space and distance in a way that reminds us of how the Internet
masks physical separation because of the 'ether'. When you are sleeping
I am working, but our correspondence via email and this list for
example, erode the physical day to day life beyond the screen.

> There are threads of this linking through all of the guests work in 
> one way or another, particularly in relation to the 'framing'
> of
> identity through the screen.
OK, let's get down to tin tacks. What are we talking about when we speak
of identity here? Because I think other words are playing at the margins
of this, eg, authenticity and inauthenticity.

Definitely! The issue of authenticity and credibility are rife when you
consider online identity. i remember reading a very interesting article
some years ago by Judith 
Donath, which looked at identity and deception on the Internet.
I guess for me the are differing ranges of intent when one starts to
explore issues of legitimacy and authenticity  - identity fraud is quite
a different thing to artistic explorations of identity.
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