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On 6/6/07, Stacia Yeapanis <> wrote:
Even as I write that, I'm having problems with the
terms "real" and "virtual." It implies they are
opposites. But a virtual experience IS a real
experience. There is a pretty widespread criticism
that individuals engaging in virtual play or mediated
experiences are escaping reality. Certainly escapism
is one of the many uses of playing in a virtual world
or watching a television show. But there are many

howdee Stacia + all.

i think any type of m.mersion with_in an arena not based in the
geophysical is definitely a hard space 2 conceptually follow [ie 4
those not n.gaged within it]....the x.perience of "reality" is really
a continuum within a lattice of what's considered geophysical/spatial
presencing + a type of variation of this participation 2wards the

these days i'm more about x.amining clusters of reality_functioning +
how this m.pacts on the individuals who radically segregate notions of
"the real" from "the virtual" [ie equating virtual participation 2
distinct otherness via branding it escapism] + how that acts 2
maintain a type of status quo.....

1 of my current n.vestigations is wot lies in the
cross_ovas//n.tersections of these n.teraction within
layers of this make 4 the most n.teresting places....4 eg in the MMOG
World of Warcraft the n.teractions that occur between
proscribed/in.built game narratives such as via NPCs [non-player
characters] + players + the variance that results when players decide
2 subvert these, the variables involved in recording/maintaining these
n.teractions + the transcriptive results [VOIP such as
vent/Skype/Teamspeak>video recording software such as Fraps>meatspace
contact inc physical n.teractions etc] + the waves of resulting
n.gagements + clustered b.haviours.

chunks, ][mez][


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