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Thanks Branislava for entering the conversation and turning it away
from the usual terminology. I did try to find a copy of Time is the
Breath of the Spirit so I could get the full context of the
Ettinger/Levinas discussion but alas the libraries of Paris are
defeating me in this regard. It will have to wait until I'm back in
Anglophonia. I can certainly see a place for the idea of flight in
performance in general - its illusiveness, its history contra the
object. And more and more I wish to show myself less and less. But can
this be ascribed to the feminine? Anyone?
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I'm joining the conversation as one of Barbara's future :-) writers,
with just a thought/reference on the question of the feminine,
unbracketed and perhaps not necessarily that easily linked to the
issues of identity, more a quality to be worked with, much like a hue
or a particular form of movement...
B. Ettinger in conversation with E. Levinas speaks of the feminine  'as
a flight before the light', and Levinas' response is:
'In other words: not to show oneself. A flight before demonstration.'

I think this is far too interesting to be disregarded as  essentialist,
the quality of flight feels particularly poignant for performance,
perhaps even more so for the kind of performance where identities are
simultaneous and multiple, for that could in a playful way be seen as
work with this quality of flight, of never quite fixing, never quite
showing, while in fact being very much there and performing.




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