[-empyre-] getting into the gaze [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi Jill and all,

Thanks for your post, which I found to be very interesting on a number
of levels. The issue of the 'male gaze' in terms of not just your work
but Barbara's 1001 Nights Cast has resonance for me. An earlier post of
Barbara's made me think on the famous image of Barbara Kruger - 'Your
gaze hits the side of my face' and your comments also lead down this
path. The notion of the male gaze is a challenge for artists that have a
feminist approach because the notion of female is objectified, hence my
interest in the problematic notion of 'femininity' as it has set of
'markers' that construct and define appearance and behaviour. When there
are attempts made to work outside of these boundaries then issues of
transgression come into play. For example, what is happening with your
work in particular Jill, is this interplay that corrupts the panoptic
eye of the surveillance system as you are requesting retrieval
(ownership) of your image...

I would also like to know more about the letters that you wrote to
request the footage in 'Evidence Locker' - what was the feedback from
the Police - was there any question about the style of writing that you
used - given that they were like love letters?


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