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On 3/10/07, Brian Holmes <> wrote:

 the very salable repetition of the same  gesture just fed the whole
complacent 80s moment and created cascades of
mediocre imitators who made intellectual and cultural life in the
"postmodern" USA into something very stifling and small and

If we were to hold all theorists accountable for their epigones, who would we have left? That the gesture sold well i won't hold against him (or Sylvere, who sold it). Good luck to anyone who can make a living at 'theory'. That the gesture was repeated i take to be an aesthetic choice, a kind of minimalism. But the 'take away' is that there can be an aesthetic to theoretical writing. It need not all have the 'tone jam' and 'frame lock' quality as Charles Bernstein describes it.

What later surprised me and made me, not really forgive, but rather just
forget Baudrillard's role in all that, was that immediately after
September 11 he abandoned that single strategy and started talking about
life again:

I chanced to be on stage twice when he did this, once in Paris and again for a much bigger show at the New School. And i agree. I did not read all those books he did in the 90s and early 00s. But at the end, here was a new development, or perhaps a new correspondence between the possible world of thought and some other world.

McKenzie Wark

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