Re: [-empyre-] Baudrillard and the future of theory

On 3/10/07, Aliette <> wrote:

But the very question is the essay as free style.

... Essay does not deliver representation, it creates both the thought from > the style as the thought equalizing the style itself.

This i think is essential. Thought working in and against language. JB was quite gentle on the reader in this regard. It was about a paring down. Like Miles Davis. The one note that let's you know about the dozen not chosen.

Theory had a (possibly dependent) relationship on the militant
languages from which it broke. With the collapse of militant
organizations in the west, theory finds itself in a certain
difficulty. It gets absorbed into scholarship as if it were never
anything else.

Hence i think it prudent to tack back the other way now, to use a
(slightly displaced) Marxist language, for example. Now that 'everyone
knows' all that is over and in the past, etc. Precisely because it is

McKenzie Wark

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