Re: [-empyre-] Baudrillard and the future of theory

McKenzie Wark wrote:

If we were to hold all theorists accountable for their epigones, who
would we have left? That the gesture sold well i won't hold against
him (or Sylvere, who sold it). Good luck to anyone who can make a
living at 'theory'. That the gesture was repeated i take to be an
aesthetic choice, a kind of minimalism. But the 'take away' is that
there can be an aesthetic to theoretical writing. It need not all have
the 'tone jam' and 'frame lock' quality as Charles Bernstein describes

Well, one could hope to produce more interesting epigons, imho. Maybe somehow the worm was in the fruit? On the other hand, the aesthetics of theoretical writing, I'm all for it! It's just which aesthetics and for whom. When I recently received in the mail an excerpt from the Hacker Manifesto all printed up like a broadsheet I thought, yeah, this is great, this is working. But it's precisely not that kind of postmodernism that says everything is a spectacle, rather it's a toolbox for doing something else. Even the aesthetic is a toolbox, you can play around with it, tweak it, take it in another direction.

best, BH

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