Re: [-empyre-] Baudrillard and the future of theory

Christian McCrea writes:
the power of images to construct consensus has become the primary focus of
images in the first place

- which is to begin again at the ideological, is it not? first rotate as
false consciousness, second, as the self-representation of the power. I'm
interested in the illusion of height which this very movement (as money) in
its speed (as power) gives. Jean Baudrillard lets me out to consider this,
as a poetics, a theory of practical perversity, a practice of etc.

Christian McCrea writes:
Anything short of analysis of these events as pure images, and murders and
crimes devoted to pure images, is equally absurd, equally an exaggeration.

- these two series: murder crime event / purity devotion image speak at
least to me with sublime univocity. Perhaps from the Baudelairean flanerie
of literary modernism. Anything short of absurdity and exaggeration would
not seem to do them the injustice they deserve. But that there seems to be a
point - not of Canetti's enantiomorphosis - and not in traverse - at which
the simulation assumes and consumes (sees and eats) its limits, those of
representation,  might offer another option, if not for analysis, for a
logos? (a theory?)

(- I say not in traverse, but Zizek's Lacan comes close to this point; and
not Canetti, but the amortisation of aesthetic planes/plates, also, close

simon taylor

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