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> McKenzie Wark wrote:
>> If we were to hold all theorists accountable for their epigones, who
>> would we have left? That the gesture sold well i won't hold against
>> him (or Sylvere, who sold it). Good luck to anyone who can make a
>> living at 'theory'. That the gesture was repeated i take to be an
>> aesthetic choice, a kind of minimalism. But the 'take away' is that
>> there can be an aesthetic to theoretical writing. It need not all have
>> the 'tone jam' and 'frame lock' quality as Charles Bernstein describes
>> it.
> Well, one could hope to produce more interesting epigons, imho. Maybe
> somehow the worm was in the fruit? On the other hand, the aesthetics of
> theoretical writing, I'm all for it! It's just which aesthetics and for
> whom. When I recently received in the mail an excerpt from the Hacker
> Manifesto all printed up like a broadsheet I thought, yeah, this is
> great, this is working. But it's precisely not that kind of
> postmodernism that says everything is a spectacle, rather it's a toolbox
> for doing something else. Even the aesthetic is a toolbox, you can play
> around with it, tweak it, take it in another direction.
> best, BH

=> " Le beau est indépendant de tout intérêt ". (Kant- Critique de la
faculté de juger)

=> " D'où vient donc cette croyance qu'il n'y a de génie que chez l'artiste,
l'orateur ou le philosophe ? qu'eux seuls ont une « intuition » ? (mot par
lequel on leur attribue une sorte de lorgnette merveilleuse avec laquelle
ils voient directement dans l'« être » !)" (Nietzsche- Humain, trop humain)

=> Praxis : "l'ensemble des moyens permettant de réduire la pénurie; elle
serait indistincte de la jouissance, du bonheur et de l'autonomie qui sont
la forme sublimée de ces moyens" (Adorno - Théorie esthétique)

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I do not think that create a party is the contemporary solution. Connexion
is not allegeance. Nowadays, it seems to me that a manifesto has to be an
unuseful defy or cannot be alive.

What it stays to be invented it is not the leading text but the sensibility;
the means which will tell the sense afterwords not in project. Utopia is
dead, it is beleiving. Nothing to be done nowaday that would not request
time of sense - because sense cannot be without time (recurrence of the
knowledge, and feed back of events) that is exactly cognition.

The very question of today is pedagogy of childhood and give them a lower
level of time.

Emergent from Baudrillard: last time we had really a political meeting at
his home just together; it was at the moment of FR referendum on UE
constitution. He was still sick. I had fast translated (bad in this way FR->
En, but not so much bad in the other way) the txt of circumstance against UE
constitution by Zizek which himself made circulate through the UE communist
party (or something like that). which is right now in his book "What UE
wants?" it was to accompany my move with any camarades (that I do not
approve in all) just met at this occasion (I think it is a good mode to
follow the opportunity of the point of view at the moment it is exactly
common what makes event - my former spontaneism is still present as Nicholas
could notice it from my genetic code;-) And Jean wanted to read the both
versions... So with my husband we went in the bistrot and have collective
readings with people we did not know;-) of the text of UE constitution, and
camarades well informed of other UE texts and practice could answer the
question... It was very funny, so much longer since I had not be activ by
this way as proper body, it was a joy as all people enter in discussion,
passionate moment. So I had explain to Jean that I had return to a
precarious moment of determinate activism, and he was very curious to know
exactly my position about it.

On my determination of practical struggle against this constitution.

He, probably speaking of him, said me first that it was "as well on women
[sorry Danny]: ambivalence".

(I think that he was talking of him under a neural formula: the question
being reborn and not reborn to activism in meta political times more what to
say on the closing nations opening UE - supra nation or no nation;-)

Second he said me to sit down and hear that : "but Aliette, you know
perfectly that who have destroyed all that you claim now: it is us - who
have destroyed all. We have wanted, desired, to destroy it and we were
successful.. That is US (our generational activism from the Marxist
criticism succession) who have made it... "ON NE VA PAS RECOMMENCER, QUAND

I said: but you are wrong, nothing of the value from my part, but I
furiously do not want uniformity, and over all I do not want the Europe of
Rule and/as Cops after the political times! They will eat their paper tiger,
you will see: we'll win the majority! And whatever it would not change
nothing in the final execution, as we are not more in the consequent time of
the elective disposition, WE'LL HAVE SAY: NO and the other generations will
know that we would not agree as people with that.

At this moment he was convinced of the necessity to move but for his proper
determination a detail was failing:

Please hear that: understand that THEY [capitalism becoming vectors and
their statements?] have all sacrificed [all their proper system sacrificed
for totally realize the general equivalence?]: "que nous reste-t'il à
sacrifier face à ça !? C'est la seule question." [à laquelle il faut être
capable de répondre pour que le recommencement ait un sens].

That is the only proper question.

One year more after he would have read A hacker manifesto with pleasure, if
I was coming back on his last point, probably we could have a new meeting
with more friends, as in the former years... And it would be so great to
have a good point to review all that he could so much better explained,
around a glass of wine and a good cheese but the former good time of return
to the practice of the meta-political theory as social practice with him
never will come again...

Jean our friend is dead.

be enough for talk again on this enigma

Waiting for the answer;-)

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