RE: [-empyre-] Baudrillard and the future of theory

The idea the Baudrillard's death spells a terminal point for theory
(only a polemic) ignores so many other forms of theoretical forms of
communication; i.e. McLuhan's media-based theory, Baudrillard's literary
pataphysics, Flusser's dialectic between the essay and the thesis. 

As with Kan's Hacker Manifesto, I saw it for what it was right off the
bat -a beautifully crafted literary proposition for additional work on
the Marxist project.

I think there are many different modes of expression in theory; it seems
ironic that some of the conversation suggests a hegemonic model of the
scholarly thesis-form as a 'standard'.

In some ways, I thought we might have gotten farther than that.  The
Krokers, Wark, Flusser (RIP), and many others are most definitely trying
to keep the modes of expression wide...

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Do you mean "Genoa" here?  (re: 'Genes')

On Mar 11, 2007, at 5:08 AM, Aliette wrote:
Alternative is a dialectical concept that does not more rule as  
power in our times. You know perfectly that after Genes at the moment  
have enclosed the manifestation far from the debate: the  
communication of
the mass power of alter-globality was closed. The model with the largest
people of the world having their proper centralized government - global
institution: is a representation of what we have always struggle  


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