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Transfert de situation (make perfectible Marx;-) (Fatal strategy)

So make perfectible

May be: 
Tranfer Nietzsche to Marx

As well
Transfer meaning from semiotic to political economy

As well
Tranfer language (communication) to event

Information to disinformation

As well
(paradox from the transfer of destiny from the subject to the object):
Transfer the object to the subject
(ideo-imperialism about Disneyland: Chec and mat)

As well
Transfer anagram to aphorism

unlimited game of meaning... (the paradox of transfer as generative rhetoric
- singular rhetoric : each sentence creating its proper figure of rhetoric,

In which paradox is an abstracted form of dialectic

And so.

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> On 3/11/07, Nicholas Ruiz III <> wrote:
>> What I like about Jean's take on 'America,' is its
>> realness--we are primitive, he sees this well, while
>> paradoxically, we are postmodern.  Jean's prognosis of
>> this status is terminal: it ends with a paroxystic
>> phase of culture, of which we are the vanguard.
> I was just reading some quotes I collected from JB's books over the
> years. I think i 'get' his remarks on America now that i live in it:
> "What do you expect a 'successful' revolution to look like? It is
> paradise." (America, p98)
> "Ours is a crisis of historical ideals facing up to the impossibility
> of their realisation. Theirs is the crisis of an acheived utopia,
> confronted with the problem of its duration and permanence."
> (America, 77)
> "Americans can only imagine and combat an enemy in their own image.
> They are at once both missionaries and converts to their own way of
> life, which they triumphantly project onto the world."
> (TGWDNTP, 37)
> "One day they will rebuild Disneyland at Disneyworld."
> (Cool Memories II, 42)
> The latter touches on his genius for aphorism, a much despised genre,
> and another of Canetti's talents. (Although this one owes mere perhaps
> to Chamfort)
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