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'The irreversibility of biological death, its objective fact and character,
is a modern fact of science. Every other culture says that death begins
before death, and that life continues after life, and that it is impossible
to distinguish life from death. Against the representation which sees in one
the term of the other, we must see try to see the indeterminacy of life and
death, and the impossibility of their autonomy in the symbolic order.'
- Symbolic Exchange and Death

from the homage:

 March 09, 2007
'My death is everywhere, my death dreams'

" Baudrillard's contribution can be most easily appreciated when you
consider who condemned him and why. He was denounced by Brit-American
empiricists as an incomprehensible obscurantist at the same time as he was
dismissed by the overlords of Continental Philosophy for being a pop
philosopher, flimsy and insubstantial. Behind these denunciations, you gain
a glimpse of a theorist who was playful yet solemn, an opaquely lucid
stylist who was in love with jargon and in touch with media.[...]


(thanks Ken)

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