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>> To maybe approach the question differently now that "Baudrillard in
>> relation to his peers" has come up:
>> The three "names" Ken mentions, as well as slipping easily into
>> "unquestioned academic practices", have also been useful for self-
>> consciously feminist work (though Deleuze less so, empirically).
>> Something makes me think this is more than mere coincidence, and that
>> there might be more than militancy or academicism that differentiates
>> Baudrillard's work from the others - after all, feminism has a
>> history of both militancy and exclusion from the academy.

They were not fellow of Baudrillard but Lyotard Edgar Morin (former
communist) and so on: because Deleuze Foucault Derrida they were not

Their thought has nothing to see with Baudrillard may be more Guattari ;
whatever Deleuze and Baudrillard were both Nietzschean; marxism is the
difference. But Barthes was a great freudo-marxist. Lefebvre marxist and so

Jean was not misogynist: the book he read for inform his anxiousness and to
find the peace with when he understood that it was becoming worst, that was
the book of Sontag discursing her proper cancers... who he admired as a
proper fellow, whatever they had very struggles about kossovo (and sometimes
on women because he did not stop to throw to her provocation as he could not
seduce her (because she was homo;-)... She had said the first time she heard
him: Baudrillard will not stop to increase... And when he has written his
paper on Abu Graïb in Liberation she answered by a paper in the New York
times (splendid article on the american power having turned into infinite
perverse process) 

Sontag was a marxist, Jean Baudrillard was a marxist from emergent to trans
marxist (transferring so much other philosophies and human sciences to his

Barthes has been very important for Jean really (he have said me about his
sources): but Barthes was an homosexual you know? I say that about the
accusation of homophobia can be women can be men...

Marxism was an essential part of what one called currently in the sixties
"the old cultural found New-York-Paris" at the moment Deleuze was not
initiated in marxism by Guattari
>> Aliette, this enquiry has no relation to your question about Sontag's
>> sexuality. I'm asking the question of the texts and the methodology,
>> rather than the person behind them.
>> On 11/03/2007, at 3:17 PM, McKenzie Wark wrote:
>>> There was a politics to one's choice of theorist in the 80s in the
>>> Anglophone world, and perhaps still. What i admired about Lyotard and
>>> Baudrillard is that they were ex militants. This is not true of
>>> Foucault, Derrida or Deleuze. Its no accident that the attempt to keep
>>> a traditional scholarly practice at arms length collapses in the cases
>>> of Foucault, Derrida and Deleuze, who all now slip easily into
>>> unquestioned academic practices.
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