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On 3/11/07, Danny Butt <> wrote:

The three "names" Ken mentions, as well as slipping easily into
"unquestioned academic practices", have also been useful for self-
consciously feminist work (though Deleuze less so, empirically).

One name I'd like to add here is Chris Kraus, whose books are undoubtedly feminist, theory inflected, but also first rate writing. There's a questioning of gender, form, propriety, and the relation between the acedotal and the serious.

Her book Torpor has a scathing account of Guattari's household and yet
quite quietly uses his thought for its own purposes. Her book Video
Green spare neither the art world or the academy and yet is extremely
well versed in recent art history. (I'm less fond of her Aliens and
Anorexia, but i recommend it to Danny, if he doesn't know it, because
it is the one that has most about New Zealand, where she lived from
age 6 to 20-something).

These books are nothing like Baudrillard, but he is surely one of the
things that make them possible, by showing, for instance, that theory
does not have to be exegesis. It can read, and hence write, in quite
other ways.

McKenzie Wark

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