[-empyre-] Introducing Out-of-Sync: Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark

Timothy Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Sat Nov 3 07:25:47 EST 2007

Hello, everyone.

While thanking Nick and his guests for a stimulating month on DNA 
poetics, we welcome you to the Novermber discussion of  "Memory 
Errors in the Technosphere: Art, Accident, Archive."  This is a topic 
whose potential we've been discussing for quite some time since 
Renate's recent installations have focused on memory and archiving 
and Tim has worked for quite a while on theorizations of memory and 
trauma while also confronting the unexpected challenges of building 
an actual archive of new media art.

To begin the month, we've very happy to welcome two dear friends from 
Australia with whom we've frequently collaborated over the past 
decade or so.  Out-of-Sync (Australia) is a collaboration between 
Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda.  Many of you (particularly  from 
Australia) probably have been stimulated for years by Norie's work in 
radio and sound art which she's created from her base at University 
of Technology, Sydney, where she is Associate Professor of Media Arts 
and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney.  Maria has 
been equallly influential as a visual and new media artist who spends 
her free time working as a doctoral candidate at Macquarie University 
in Sydney where she is researching the performativity of mediaspace 
and the possibilities of a new form of sociality.

As Out-of-Sync (www.out-of-sync.com), they  have working collectively 
for over 15 years, beginning in radio and then from the early '90s 
making work with CD-Roms, installations, websites and Internet 
installations.  Their collaborative CD-Rom, Shock in the Ear, 
reflects on the interfaces of shock and sound and has  won 
innumerable prizes (Tim frequently cites it as one of the most 
successful artistic interventions on CD-Rom).   Their internet art 
has been featured on CTHEORY Multimedia and commissioned by Mute, 
while their installations, from Volcano to Searching for Rue Simon 
Crubellier, has been featured internationally, from Germany to France 
with lots of stops down below.  Currently they are working with 
performative encounters in public places - process based works which 
they document in various ways for installation.   We just received 
the catalogue of The Trouble with the Weather: a southern response, 
their exciting  group exhibition in Sydney which they curated with 
Jacqueline Bosscher.  Perhaps they'll say something about the 
particular "southern exposure" of this project which features their 
own archive of breath.

For years their works have thrived on the intersection of accident, 
art, and archive.  So we're very happy to welcome their thougts on 
Memory Errors in the Technosphere as this week's featured guests on 
Renate Ferro and Tim Murray
CoModerators, -empyre-
Department of Art/Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art
Cornell University

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