[-empyre-] November 2007 on -empyre- : Memory Errors in theTechnosphere: Art, Accident, Archive

G.H.Hovagimyan ghh at thing.net
Mon Nov 5 00:21:42 EST 2007

> in new media art, digital technologies and techniques have re-troubled 
> the ‘authenticity’ and ‘embodiedness’ of the human voice -- already 
> long since undermined by analogue recording and broadcast technology.

The intriguing thing about digital art is "timelessness." For example a 
web site or a youTube video needs to be discovered for it to have 
meaning. Otherwise it is just another bit of information or maybe a bit 
of "content" on a portal.  Authenticity is even more of a problem. Wiki 
has tons of pages that are misleading in their information. The other 
part is the fear and obsession sites that do things like recruit 
terrorists or white racists thugs. What is happening in my opinion is 
that the human psyche has been opened up for display.   Timelessness in 
art can also be applied to digital art. There are pieces that I've done 
14 years ago when the web first became available which are now being 
looked at. Originally these works were vaguely noted but then 
forgotten. Now they have been rediscovered by a new generation and are 
viewed as being fresh and current. The key point is for the new 
generation the works seem to be made yesterday.  Timelessness in 
digital art has a different meaning that in conventional art.
This is in contrast to "time based" media whose meaning often depends 
on the when and where of the work.
I've also been re-doing, updating and commenting on my works in a blog. 
I consider this another part to the work.

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