[-empyre-] forgetting, oblivion

Norie Neumark norie5 at mac.com
Thu Nov 8 20:59:51 EST 2007

Hi John,
> externalization of memory -- essentially a process of putting  
> organic memory into a very rigid framework of reduced impression.   
> That framework is generated by the techno-social system which  
> consequently filters the memory into what vessels that techno- 
> social system values.
but don't you think organic memory also gets filtered as it goes in  
-- by language, culture... all of which also helps shape that techno- 
social system? I wonder if the digital is more reduced or more  
noticeable and therefore more annoying in its reduction?
> A thought voice-spoken into the ear is released only for a moment  
> from embodied presence as the sonic energy passes from the Self to  
> the Other.  In the Other it manifests for ever as a changed energy  
> state of be-ing.
great concept -- sonic energy -- as a way to talk about the complex  
materiality and movements of spoken voice -- sort of feels like one  
of those wave-particle things.


ps, given the suspicious header rumour, i'm going to experiment and  
not send this as a direct reply to John's post. I have to say i'm  
fascinated by the concept of suspicious header -- very mysterious....

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