[-empyre-] forgetting, oblivion

John Hopkins jhopkins at neoscenes.net
Thu Nov 8 22:34:57 EST 2007

Hallo Norie!

>>That framework is generated by the techno-social system which 
>>consequently filters the memory into what vessels that 
>>techno-social system values.
>but don't you think organic memory also gets filtered as it goes in 
>-- by language, culture... all of which also helps shape that 
>techno-social system? I wonder if the digital is more reduced or 
>more noticeable and therefore more annoying in its reduction?

embodied memory is definitely a reductive absorbtion of the available 
energies that move in a situation -- because the body is a filter 
itself -- in its selective receptive abilities to receive energy. 
This 'natural' (evolutionary!) factor underlies the implicit 
filtering mechanisms of the socia-techno-cultural system that the 
body is embedded in.  There is a feedback mechanism, yes, where 
memory is formed by, for example, looking at photographs, and then 
one creates photographs to form (reify!) memories...

The digital, as a larger and more complex techno-social system, 
demands more energy in a thermo-dynamic sense to maintain the order 
of its production and dispersion -- it thus requires more energy from 
those who participate in that system.  It thus is likely that it is 
also more narrow in what is carries -- in the sense that it flattens 
out the idiosyncratic differences between individuals by limiting the 
form that the memory takes (i.e., photographs versus a box of random 
trinkets that one might collect to form another personal array of 
externalized memory).

>>A thought voice-spoken into the ear is released only for a moment 
>>from embodied presence as the sonic energy passes from the Self to 
>>the Other.  In the Other it manifests for ever as a changed energy 
>>state of be-ing.
>great concept -- sonic energy -- as a way to talk about the complex 
>materiality and movements of spoken voice -- sort of feels like one 
>of those wave-particle things.

I definitely believe that materialism cannot circumscribe the 
phenomena of life very well...  quantum is a more accurate model, 
when combined with some other esoteric points-of-view... but that's a 
much longer discussion.


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