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Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 12 13:44:30 EST 2007

We are extremely grateful to Out-of-Sync (Marie Miranda and Norie 
Neumark) for getting us off to such a great start in considering 
Memory Errors in the Technosphere.  It's probably appropriate, given 
our emphasis on art, accident, and archive, that Maria's posts were 
sequested in archival limbo by some software quirk in our 
administrative system.  For that we apologize.  But we're very 
pleased to have profited from their vast experience in creating 
artistic interventions in archival and memory errors, both material, 
virtual, and psychic.

We are very pleased to be joined this week by Madeleine Casad (US) 
who is Assistant Curator of the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art 
(http://goldsen.library.cornell.edu) and a doctoral candidate in 
Comparative Literature at Cornell University.  She is interested in 
political aspects of memory
and counter-memory in the context of digital culture and textuality, 
medium-specific temporalities (and aesthetics!) of information 
storage and retrieval, and questions related to subjectivity and "the 
archive." Madeleine teaches Cornell courses on gaming, narrative, and 
media and is completing a dissertation about virtuality, identity, 
and narrative desire in literature and media art, focusing mainly on 
German texts and

Madeleine's unparalleled experience in articulating the complex 
infrastructure of the Goldsen Archive provides a multi-layered 
background to her academic fascination with narrative memory and its 
play in German (new) media culture.

Thanks for joining us Madeleine.

Renate and Tim
Renate Ferro and Tim Murray
CoModerators, -empyre-
Department of Art/Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art
Cornell University

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