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Madeleine Reich Casad mir9 at cornell.edu
Sat Nov 17 03:47:13 EST 2007

Hi Andrew,

You wrote this a while ago, now, and I tried to ask earlier but think  
the message never went through:

Do you experience something like avatar nostalgia?

I'm wondering to what extent we can think of the game environment  
itself as 'externalized memory'.


On Nov 8, 2007, at 6:19 PM, andrew burrell wrote:

> . i also have strong memories of places,
> encounters and discoveries in azeroth (memory mediated by mmorpg), and
> while i have spent much time trying to discern if a memory of a place
> in 'world of warcraft' is (on a personal level) any different from a
> memory i have of a place i went on holiday in 1995 (for example), i
> keep coming back to the same conclusion, that a memory is a memory and
> no matter how one is formed the ultimate mediator will be an
> individuals 'perceptive filtering' and the circumstances and triggers
> for recall.
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