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Hi John, me again,
On 14/11/2007, at 8:09 PM, John Hopkins wrote:

> Maintaining an archive requires energy.  Doing documentation  
> requires that (at least someone's) attention be focused on both  
> archive (future) and the process itself (present).  Each time the  
> Self makes a document there is at least a partial stepping-out of  
> lived experience into the abstracted world of the document.  It is  
> in this abstracted world where we are most in danger of losing  
> connection to primary experience and ultimately our embeddedness in  
> the continuum which is all.
> Representation forces us to step out.  Can one live by the act of  
> representation, or ???
> When we step out, where do we go?
> Of course documentation can be a re-presentative act in itself.   
> one which places the observer at that place at that time which is  
> different than subsequent after-the-fact re-play...
> There would also be the quantum thought of the observer affecting  
> that which is observed, as well... something that has fundamental  
> ramifications...
> Norie -- could you define 'performative encounter' in more detail?  
> (vs 'straight' documenting?)
what we mean by performative encounter is an encounter which only  
happens because we are 'documenting it'. ie, there is no encounter  
outside the documenting moment. the documenting is what brings the  
encounter into play -- there is no prior or separate encounter or  
performance, which we then document (which is what I call straight  
documenting). We're using perfomative in Austin and Butler's sense of  
statements that make something happen by saying it. We make something  
documentable by documenting it. So we approach people with  
documenting camera and microphone and ask them something playfully  
impossible or improbable (directions to a street that doesn't exist,  
contributing breath to the world's largest breath collection to blow  
back global warming) and they respond and enter the zone of play with  
us, which we document... i'm not sure how this works in terms of your  
energy analysis. it does take a certain extra energy to do these,  
which seems to transfer to people who enter the zone. (i notice we  
can't do them when we're low on energy though occasionally the energy  
of the people we encounter sparks our own).

> Cheers,
> JOhn
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