[-empyre-] Memory Errors

John Hopkins jhopkins at neoscenes.net
Sun Nov 18 07:48:53 EST 2007

>>I like John's metaphor of amplifying wave interference patterns to 
>>describe what we might make of this relationship, too.
>me too! though do you think he's presenting it as a metaphor? John?

nope, not metaphor, this is 'real' energy -- you have to make a 
rather radical world-view shift for this to make sense, however, 
absorbing the implications of Quantum, for example, mixed with some 
other energy-based world-views...  I'm always a bit daunted in the 
mailing-list sphere to raise these issues, because of this necessary 
shift for my comments to make sense, and I find that it usually takes 
several days of f2f discussion in a workshop setting to come to a 
general understanding of the consequences of an energy-based 

but, yes, I am talking not about metaphoric energies but very real 
energies -- for example, when you spend some life/time in the service 
of supporting a technological system that you are using, you will 
never get this time back, and in this time, you have expended a very 
real amount of energy to maintain your bio/energy system which you 
will absolutely have to recharge before you can continue on to the 
next activity...

so it goes...


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