[-empyre-] Another Forward from Grace: Real Time Archiving

renate ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Wed Nov 28 13:47:11 EST 2007

>Hi Tim,
>I find your question very relevant:
>"I also wonder whether the conversion of an artist's body into 
>something of a lens
>through which reality is
>transformed into a memorable event doesn't always provide the 
>envelope for thought,
>criticality, and reflection"
>I seriously think it does, but the problem is still that somehow the
>intersubjectivity born by that merging process is so swift that I often try to
>resist that aproach because the results, although rich and intense in terms of
>experience while reporting, is strongly susceptible to banality. I 
>can think of a
>simple example that has been mentioned here: you tube. The intensity 
>and meaning
>brought out during the process of the body conversion into a lense is not
>proportionally reflected on the results... That´s my main concern, 
>because in away
>it helps to produce oblivion.
>We have the capability to produce so much and so immediately, that 
>we are switching
>from producing art work to producing content.
>Is this too purist??
>Good night

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