[-empyre-] Forward from J. Birringer

Timothy Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Thu Nov 29 02:59:47 EST 2007

>thanks for response, Norie,
>just to answer briefly ---
>there were many issue inolved in the live webcast from Hong Kong and 
>the top of the sckyscraper,  
>and a few pardoxes.   the live broadcast started exactly on time and 
>ended up 30 minutes, exactly as announced by the tactical media 
>artists (Stromajer and Zorman). Ballettikka Internnettikka Stattikka 
>was an event in a "series" of such interventions (similar "break 
>ins" or infilttrations into site,. then transmitted live with 
>wireless techonologies to the net).  i think it was the first, 
>though, that also had a specific local audience far away (in 
>Dresden) from the "authentic site."   The Dresden audience attended 
>a 10 pm event that took place as a live projection inside a 
>dance-theatre space/performance space , within context of a computer 
>festival.  The performance images transmitted were static and yet 
>alive (the city was),. but nothing much happened, and there was 
>confusion in the loval audience who did not quite know how to 
>"frame" or reframe this event and its reception.  the performance 
>was not "untimely,"as you suggest, but more complicted,  - it had a 
>strange romantic sadness about it,  the lonely robot crying on 
>rooftop, its red eyes flashing,  battery alive, the city behind 
>readying istself for sunrise but still bustling with energies, 
>lights.    Stromajer wondered whether the audience failed to grapple 
>with the truth/reality or falseness/fake issue, or somehow could not 
>imagine the trespassing, or the tactical action needed to make such 
>a live webcast happen at all ---  the tactical maneuver itself was 
>not shown.   Not sure myself whether it was the not knowing of the 
>realness, or the apparent lack of anything happening that muddled 
>the event, or whether such an action is created for the camera 
>(archive) and the network,  in the first place, rather than a face 
>to face live audience.
>i will remember it well, though, and so will others who watched the 
>amazing static.
>we stored a quicktime movie nof the event on YouTube, almost 
>instantly . so did the artist themselves.
>On some nights, audience members were quicker uploading their films 
>of a performance (to YouTube) than our own docu crew.  that is 
>somewhat interesting too, the competing for "documents" or 
>Johannes Birringer
>Dresden / Hellerau Cynetart07_encounter festival


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