[-empyre-] Code fury

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Sat Oct 20 19:42:19 EST 2007


'Invention of god' sounds like me. The word and concept of 'code' being 
used so generally is in severe danger of moving over the boundary into 
the area of non-existant entities like god. For let's be absolutely 
clear no god or gods have ever existed only religions.

The appeal to keep the productivity of non-existant entities available, 
is completely contrary to Judith's text.


Reggie Woolery wrote:

> Someone mentioned the invention of God earlier, as if He is not a "code",
> which like DNA in the West, is hugely productive for science, culture, art
> -- Watson knows this, as do academics, citizens, and businessmen. No
> conspiracy. It would be a shame to foreclose the productivity of God-ness
> because of ethical passions. Why and for whom do people desire to
> re-appropriate Master utopian narratives is more of my interest, and I think
> Judith's?
> reggie

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