[-empyre-] a book, dna,code and ethics and ontology

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Tue Oct 23 04:38:49 EST 2007


I referred indirectly earlier to Husserl, thinking of his support for 
the first world war and the tragedy of his sons death. Its 1914 how did 
he not know what a disaster it was going to be ? That's one side...

I'm rather pushed for time but it occurs to me that there is a rather 
interesting thought available in the quote "The fact is that no DNA ever 
presents anything but a chance..."(p196) which in the reference to 
probability and matheme rather neatly prevents associating DNA with a 
small 't' truth... nice very nice. I was wondering if probability would 
enter into your logic.

which at least for us sitting here raises the spectre of singularities 
and ontology again...

Nice very nice.

Judith Roof wrote:

> Steve,
> WhiCh side?
> I am laughing, too.
> Judith

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