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That is nice--a chance and less, since there is no guarantee of any  
kind of fidelity or even appearance or anything we might recognize or  
be able to count.


On Oct 22, 2007, at 2:38 PM, sdv at krokodile.co.uk wrote:

> Judith,
> I referred indirectly earlier to Husserl, thinking of his support  
> for the first world war and the tragedy of his sons death. Its 1914  
> how did he not know what a disaster it was going to be ? That's one  
> side...
> I'm rather pushed for time but it occurs to me that there is a  
> rather interesting thought available in the quote "The fact is that  
> no DNA ever presents anything but a chance..."(p196) which in the  
> reference to probability and matheme rather neatly prevents  
> associating DNA with a small 't' truth... nice very nice. I was  
> wondering if probability would enter into your logic.
> which at least for us sitting here raises the spectre of  
> singularities and ontology again...
> Nice very nice.
> s
> Judith Roof wrote:
>> Steve,
>> WhiCh side?
>> I am laughing, too.
>> Judith
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