[-empyre-] Performative biology

Eugene Thacker eugene.thacker at lcc.gatech.edu
Fri Oct 26 00:22:59 EST 2007

Dean's comment raises another issue - the triangulated relationship between
poetics, biology, and performance. So-called bio art often incorporates the
performantive (if not performance art) into its practices...some art critics
have discussed bio art in terms of body art of the '60s...Of course a number of
laboratory techniques/pratices can be regarded as performative (I like the idea
of immortalized cells in a cell line enacting an interminable, unhuman
performance art piece...).


Quoting dean wilson <deanwilson9 at gmail.com>:

 Sally, I hope your apology isn't for your earlier post. Eugene and
 Judith are both performing artists and their books should inform media
 and technology anthropologists. I personally think there is no better
 analogy than drumming for the concept of code.


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