[-empyre-] media architecture and cross-cultural influence

Hi, everyone,

We think you'll all be interested to learn that the CRUMB listserv (curating digital art) just announced a Sept/Oct discussion on Curating new media design: interaction and architectures. Although the focus seems to be more on design, CRUMB'S September emphasis on media architectures should have some bearing on our discussion on Critical Spatial Practices.

Indeed, James and Millie have provided us with the opportunity to reflect on the criticality of media architecture in all of its nuances.

Speaking of criticality, we're fascinated by the reflections of Millie and James on their transfer of primarily western spatial interventions to Chinese and Japanese contexts. We're curious to hear whether these exchanges altered at all their prior critical assumptions about their projects or the notions of space that informs their practice.

In July, we had a lively debate about regional specificity of works in Documenta; we think it would be interesting to raise similar questions here in the context of Critical Spatial Practice.

Thanks so much for your detailed and insightful postings, Millie and James. We would also be interested in having members of the list enter into dialogue with these interesting practitioners who will be our guests through Saturday.


Renate and Tim

Renate Ferro and Tim Murray
CoModerators, -empyre-
Department of Art/Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art
Cornell University


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