RE: [-empyre-] media architecture and cross-cultural influence

Having only recently moved to Japan, I'm interested myself to see how my work or assumptions change.

The ironic aspect is that after Dwayne graduated from Cornell and completed the Falcon program (intensive Japanese language), he moved to Japan for a few years before returning to Texas where we met. So the formation of parasite really started in Cornell-Tokyo before growing in south Texas.

The work gains a lot from things that were happening architecturally in Japan and academia in the late 80s: architectural surrealism and juxtapositions (urban, such as parks or water springs popping up in the middle of a city, programmatic juxtapositions, as well as material) and construction practices: bamboo scaffolds, safety netting, spiritual-natural rituals in construction. Also, cyberpunk as a literary genre was exploding: Rucker, Sterling, Philip K. Dick, and of course Gibson. Throw in some bricolage, rhizome, Virilio, Burroughs, and noise music. All of these came together and informed the idea of suspended nature, natural-industrial couplings, the technologized body, urban grafting, temporary structures, and our interests in media.

There is an underlying language that adapts to the context. So it remains to be seen how the transfer back to Japan affects my work or concept of space.

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