Re: [-empyre-] cages

On Sep 16, 2007, at 10:07 AM, hugh davies wrote:

 closed system of a
game to a cage

gh comments:
Actually it's more like a maze than a cage. The parts to gaming that are interesting are outside of the game. They are the hacks of the game and the emotion of the players. Games are vehicles for social interaction. The structure of video games becomes interesting only insofar as it reflects a technological/ bureaucratic structure.
The most interesting players are the ones who figure out the cheats for the games. There is a certain level of conditioning within all games that tend to re-inforce the existing mores of any society. A classic example would be the game of monopoly and the mores of capitalism. The classic game theory algorithm is, "The Prisoners Dillemma." This encapsulates many levels of game theory and also group behavior.

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