RE: [-empyre-] critical fusion

Hi Tim

I would like to reply both remarks/question

>I'm very interested in your notion of "critical fusion" as something 
>that refers metaphorically referring to the atom (critical mass + 
>atom fusion) as something close to explosion, producing the maximum 
>of energy-.  It might be argued by many that such critical fusion is 
>inherent in art, as something naturally explosive, like the atom, 
>waiting to be unleashed.

Critical Fusion as a concept belongs mostly to the physical space, the so
called "real world", the one that is not built initially with symbolic
purposes. What I call in French "Fusion critique" (not so different...) is
about entering the social, physical, architectural space with some insider
symbolic inputs that make it more understandable, that help deciphering it,
unveiling undercover aspects of our daily life (as far as we can:-). Let say
it is the opposite of framed art, set inside galleries, inside museums,
boxes: preserved inside boxes, inside boxes close to the confining envelope
on Chernobyl reactor (tribute to Alice) attempting to limit the impact of
art confining it in the sphere of exquisite and delicate mental disorders.

>But my familiarity with your interactive environments suggests that 
>you have something even more active in mind, contingent not simply on 
>natural artistic forces but on the relation of critical thought to 
>artistic experience.   Would you mind saying a bit more about this?

I'm not sure about which works you are thinking. 
I think this apply to different kind of works (World Skin and Crossing Talks
on one side and The Mechanics of Emotions on the other for very different
reasons. Could you please be more specific and I will develop instead of
listing works? 

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