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Hello again, Tim, and sorry for the absence the last day. I had, out of the blue, to reschedule my trip from Berlin to Rio, to actually take part in a festival in Sao Paulo (long story...), and was myself crossing a very wide physical space. Although crossing it by airplane doesn't really offer the traveler a sense of crossing a "distance", as sailing a boat would do, in my opinion. Maybe I will get back to Europe on a boat, then? It would be swell to do that.

About the "blog extension" of the Chernobyl Project:
The recording of invisible radioactivity emitted by contaminated matter is, as well, a "socio-political recording" of the Chernobyl situation. It is a double-layer action. And since this project involves a huge amount of research and a whole process that stems from a conceptual decision, I thought it was worthwhile also to document this very empirical process. On the blog, I make use of “more traditional” images, maybe we could say more "literal" images (video, digital photography) to document the process, in the form of an online journal: as an artist notebook, which I also keep, the blog is the place for ongoing questions and possible ways of dealing with them: how do you enter a place called “exclusion zone", which, by definition, is a place that excludes you?
The entire project builds itself as it develops and it all happens in transit. This process is a leap into the unknown; the blog space accompanies, in its virtual form, this development, this going towards something unknown.

To be continued on following posts...


On Sep 18, 2007, at 5:51 PM, Timothy Murray wrote:

Thanks so much for your account of your Chernobyl Project, Alice. In addition to your ellision of the visible and the invsibile as components of spatial critical practice, I'm also interested in your extension of your video project into your blog. Since Maurice also maintains a blog, I'm wondering whether you both might have something to say about this particular online extension of your practice.

Although Renate and I didn't consider the coincidence of your bloggings when we were discussing the pairings of guests for the month, I'm also wondering whether or not your blogging activity has subsequently altered or complicated your assumptions about spatial practice itself.



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