Re: [-empyre-] politics of critical fusion?

This could take pages and maybe my interpretation of your comment is not
right, but I really would like to express that there is a kind of critical
action that is more about contributing to interrogate the boundaries of our
social behaviour and our global environment and I strongly believe that what
I call “critical fusion”, just at the limit of the expected explosion, is
the right place to play this role.

I would like to say that I very much agree with Maurice. I also think that there are always risks in falling into a trap, especially if artists sometimes end up in stiff and controlled places previously assigned for them by the "economy of power they seek to either address, expose or intervene". So, of course, for me at least, works should always be self-reflexive on that question, and so many others as well. Being self-reflexive meaning to be inquisitive and curious about the very own way a work itself is created: by the way an image is generated, by the way a work comes to being financially, by the way and where it is exhibited. Something that strikes me as very essential in my practice is that in making art, one directly addresses perception, how things in life are perceived - modes of really looking at things. But what it means to really look? What it is that you see beyond what is deceivably shown to you by an “economy of power”, or merely beyond common sense? That, for me, even if in a very small scale, can be a subversive act.

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