RE: [-empyre-] politics of critical fusion, forward from N. Neumark

Thank you very much Norie for your testimony about when you experienced
"World Skin". We definitely need this kind of feed back to know if a work
"works". This is very often the problem with "conceptual" interactive art:
Hard to know before if it should have stayed at the concept level.

And this is what The Dump is about. is really becoming for me
the most complete way to conceive, produce, discard, think about "why this
instead of nothing?".  The open version ( allows everybodu to
dump any kind of project. It is amazing to see that they are people
presently producing some of them either for themselves or under my name (I
found out yesterday that the last one, (Falling Pixels) will be presented in
Grenoble in october).  

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  Hello Maurice and Alice,
Thank you for your engaged posts and work-- all very stimulating.

I participated in World Skin and it was indeed a disturbing 
experience and still a vivid memory. I remember
first watching other participants and coolly enjoying the 
photographic look of the space and then how it shifted when I became 
one myself and the ideas moved so suddenly from abstract to all too 

>   creating some indiscernible Brownian motion coming from doubt
>  and revolt.

   -- if praxis would disallow this, i agree, it's too limiting for 
art.  Work that makes me laugh and wonder
at the same time is hard to resist and I find that in the dump. Your 
questions about whether god is flat and the devil curved -- where 
better than art to interrogate such important matters!
Art dump -- what  a great idea for a contaminative collaborative 
blog ...


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