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Teddy, If you could, it would be great to hear more about HOW you instigated change at San Isidro with your Casa Familiar project. What I've found so powerful and intriguing about it is
the way in which you've brought it into being . If I recall correctly you got initial funding from a public art source rather than through conventional government/developer channels. How was/is this project a
kind of guerrilla action that forces or confronts power and opens up a new kind of urban possibility at the intimate scale of micro neighborhoods?

thanks for taking the time to share some of your in=the-trenches experience.


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Teddy wrote,

3. In this case, and risking sounding incredibly naïve: true agency
begins by changing the way we think. For me, the essential question
is, how do we dismantle concepts that have become clichés? For
instance, what do we mean by "community," "density," "affordability,"
even "housing"?  Density is not just an amount of units or people per
acre, as all our institutions have defined it. What if we were to
redefine density based on the amount of social exchanges that take
place per acre? There is a similar problem with defining "mixed use,"
which we conventionally think of as people living above retail
spaces. But it can be more than that. What about imagining it as
social support systems connected to housing? for example? From there,
perhaps we can begin to imagine social services in exchange for rent.
In essence, I am interested in a project of intervention into the
rigidity of institutional thinking-how to rethink the established
political and economic procedures that our institutions have
predetermined as prerequisites to build a city.

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