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Felipe Fonseca felipefonseca at riseup.net
Wed Aug 6 01:55:23 EST 2008

Marcus Bastos wrote:
> could you, please, introduce yourself as a complement to the links you
> sent (btw, where is the English version of http://pub.descentro.org/?
> I did not find it...). 

There is no english version so far, but we wrote this last year:

As for introducing myself, metareciclagem + descentro + bricolabs
covers a lot of my interests and background ;) What else? I am from
Brazil, with no special academic degree, and have been involved with
different contexts related to media*, open* and free*, both in activist 
networks and large-scale government projects. Me and others have been 
trying to understand and build upon possibilities to go beyond the very 
limited brazilian cultural infrastructures. Often we have seen ourselves 
asking about where are the boundaries between 'to hack' and 'to be 
hacked', and living in that edge has brought some insights. 'Me' is but 
another part of that.


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