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Gisela Domschke gisela at mis-sp.org.br
Wed Aug 6 04:48:58 EST 2008

> Firstly, I would like to thank Marcus Bastos for giving me the 

> opportunity of taking part in this discussion.  When he invited me a 

> while ago, I realised our theme was going to be launched at the same 

> time of the opening of LABMIS, the media lab I am coordinating in the 

> Museu da Imagem e do Som, in Sao Paulo. Whilst I imagined how hectic 

> things would be at this moment, I also pondered how important it would 

> be to have such a discussion. We are starting up a project, which is 

> somehow unique for this country, and we feel this topic of reflection 

> comes at the right moment, when things are still flexible to be shaped and


> Although Brazil already presents a considerable number of renowned 

> media festivals and digital inclusion projects, I believe this is the 

> first time our country is granted with a space such as LABMIS. The 

> media lab we are launching this month offers cutting edge equipment 

> and human resources for the research and production of contemporary 

> practices in digital media. An environment focused on the discussion 

> and experimentation around the possibilities generated by technology, 

> LABMIS will encourage free collaboration, as a meeting point for 

> artists, curators, technicians, programmers, researchers, students and 

> the interested public. Besides the infrastructure, the 

> laboratory–atelier will offer both practical and theoretical support 

> for the development of projects that answer to the standards of 

> innovation, quality and social interest. All this inside a public museum.


> Every three months, a new generation of LABMIS users will be selected 

> by application—groups that will share the space providing it with a 

> character and rhythm of its own and avoiding an accommodation or 

> reduction of the cultural dynamism in the environment.  It is a 

> physical space where social networks connect in a continuous flow of 

> information, through the exchange of multidisciplinary experiences.


> It also counts with an exhibition area, the Espaço Redondo, showing 

> works of commissioned artists, as well as the annual residency results 

> exhibition, where the artwork will be presented with debates and 

> public explanations of its creative process. There will also be talks 

> and debates on a regular basis, where artists, curators and 

> collaborators will contextualize creation in new media. Exhibitions, 

> installations, performances, events or interventions may also occur in 

> other areas of the museum, as well as in public and virtual spaces.



> When writing a forward plan, I added to the usual trilogy of "art, 

> science and technology" a fourth field - society.

> Our intention, besides showing contemporary cultural and artistic 

> tendencies, is to connect with the public through an effective experience.

> Technological innovations have been constantly changing our daily routine.

> We believe they can do this for the better, if directed towards our 

> social and cultural needs. Besides commissioned and resident artists, 

> LABMIS will also address artists in general, students and a public not 

> necessarily familiar with digital technologies.


> We also aim to set up collaborations with international institutions 

> and organizations. Part of our agenda is to address contemporary 

> productions of digital media in both national and international 

> levels, addressing their different practices, languages histories and


> I realise this discussion will not bring us definitive solutions. 

> However, being a pragmatist myself, I do trust sharing experiences and 

> ideas can help us modelling a structure, which recognises our contemporary
cultural needs.





Gisela Domschke

Head of LABMIS


www.mis-sp.org.br | tel +55 11 30629197

Av. Europa 158 | São Paulo | SP | CEP 01449-000


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